Photo Restoration KwikGuide Introduction

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Welcome to the Photo Restoration KwikGuide web pages. These pages provide the book reader with the same files used to illustrate restoration techniques. Feel free to download them and practice the steps to restoration.

These pages are free from logins or other permission grants. However, information presented here is in context of the book, and may not be useful to others not following along from the book

For information about purchasing the book see the Overview Page.

This KwikGuide was written for use with Photoshop Elements, either version 10 or version 11. Actually, most of techniques will work with version 9 also.

All of the techniques presented here use tools that are in the Expert mode. This gives you exact control over the individual commands and tool. The other two modes, Quick and Guided, use many preset routines to adjust your images. This is sort of trial and error, or picking the best from a collage of possibilities. These features may solve many of your problems, but you will never know if it could be even better.

Photoshop Elements 11 Best Feature

The new look has larger text, dark text on light background, and larger tool options box. This version is a pleasure to work with - as version 9 and 10 were not.

The Elements user community has complained for years about the dark workspace area and small text of Photoshop Elements 10 and previous dark versions. They finally took into account users of all ages.

Elements 10 and 11 Comparison

The icons are noticeably larger and the small text in the options bar has been replaced by a light background Option Box at the bottom of the workspace. Notice the Expert mode in 11 was called the Full mode in version 10.

Adobe also de-cluttered the top of the workspace by moving the top row of commands to the bottom, using much larger icons, and again on a lighter background.

Feature Updates

There were no functional tool changes in the Expert mode. They were reorganized into logical or similar groups of tools. Most enhancements in version 11 happened in the Guided mode, with some new effects, and in the Organizer.


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