Chapter 9 - Dark Photographs
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This is the companion web page for Chapter 9 of Photo Restoration KwikGuide. These pages are intended to support the book reader with example file downloads and tips, however they can be viewed by anyone. For information about purchasing the book see the Overview Page.

Dark Tintype
Files - Download the example files, save to disk, and then open in Photoshop Elements. The Zip file contains a Photoshop Elements image.
JPG File: 1447x2227 (400K)
ZIP File: 1447x2227 (9MB)

Dark Photographs

The Elements file has several layers. You can turn the layer adjustments on/off and see the impact they have on the image.

If you turn them all on, the image will be restored. To try your own settings, leave them off and add new adjustment layers as outlined in the KwikGuide.

Again, we isolated the actual tintype from the mat, as lightening the tintype to the extent it needed would destroy the look of the mat.



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